Clear Lake: Worst Year for Algae 2009

Clear Lake is one of the oldest fresh water lakes in North America – Lakes have been reported at this site for close to 2,500,000 years.  Just like with any other land mass, Clear Lake has and continues to change shape over time.  It’s approximately 68 square miles of Lake Surface. There is archaeological evidence […]

Treating Your Dog and Home for the Flea Season

There are many areas around your home that will benefit from preparing for the flea season.  Besides preparing your dog for the flea season, with flea meds, it’s also important to prepare the inside and the outside of your home for the flea season. Treating the Inside of Your Home You can start with the […]

Are Dogs And Cats Worth The Money In These Economic Times?

Due to our current economic status, as a nation, there are many sad stories about families that have no place to live and this includes their dogs and cats.  As a result of job losses and home foreclosures many dog and cat owners are being forced to consider finding a new home for their precious […]

Green Living: It Can Save You Money

There are tests that help you figure out the ultimate question which is “How Green Are You?”  Once you figure out how green you are, then the results will help you figure out the best starting point for changing to green living, in your home. One way to approach living green is to go through […]

Global Warming: Waiting For the Government and Public

Scientists and volunteers alike have been trying to alert the public, and our government about global warming for decades.  In 1970, at a month long international conference for scientists, the scientists wanted to start a Federal Program for Climate Change Research. The problem was the ever changing President and the administration.  Just when the scientist […]

Paula Abdul Suffered Many Injuries Which Lead To Her Addiction to Painkillers

Paula Abdul Suffered Many Injuries Which Lead To Her Addiction to Painkillers It’s no surprise that Paula Abdul is one of American Idol’s favorite judges.  She is also a singer and awesome choreographer.  Paula’s career starts back when she was a cheerleader at age 17.  This is also the very same age that she suffers […]