Book Review of “The Oath” by Frank Peretti

US Open 2009 Winner – Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro…the winner of the 2009 US Open Mens’ Finals. He is the new force to be reckoned with. Del Potro has appeared on the courts, effortlessly pushing the big leaguers around and making the earn every point. Just ten days before his 21st birthday, Del Potro stripped Roger Federer of his repeated […]

Is Bigfoot Real?

Is Bigfoot real? The Native Americans call them Sasquatch. Bigfoot appears to be a mix of gorilla, chimpanzee, and human. Hmmm, is Bigfoot the “missing link”? Sightings of Bigfoot are as recent as last week in Kentucky (see and date back well over 400 years ago to sightings by Native Americans and the ancient First […]

Desserts that Can Be Frozen

Desserts that can be frozen are an easy way to always have something delicious to serve guests. With the holidays right around the corner, how about whipping up some Frozen Pumpkin Dessert? It’s as delicious as a frozen, creamy pumpkin pie with less calories and fat! How about Frozen Almond-cream Desserts? These delectable mini cheesecakes […]

How Schools Get Accredited

How schools get accredited is a process. One that can be short and simple or drawn out and complicated. The process of how a school becomes accredited starts with a school completing and submitting an application to the accrediting agency.  If accepted, an Accreditation Committee will visit the school, explain the process guidelines, and recommend […]

Meals That Can Be Frozen

There is an endless choice of meals that can be frozen. The Duggars have mastered freezing meals and it’s a good thing considering they’re preparing for baby number 19!!  The Duggars are also masters at  preparing and freezing desserts.  Taco Pie, Lasagna, or  Baked Ziti w/Sweet Sausage are a few yummy meal ideas that can be frozen. If you’re […]

Book Review of Monster by Frank Peretti

Is Bigfoot real? By the end of Monster by Frank Peretti, you will believe! Reed and Rebecca prepare for a weekend of wilderness and hiking, away from cell phones, television, and computers but nothing prepares them for the magnitude of wilderness they encounter. In the novel Monster, you immediately enter a sudden, somewhat tragic, and […]

Benefits of Economic Recession

Benefits of an economic recession? Seriously? You bet! The recession makes us reprioritize expenses and time.  So, rent some movies and pop your own popcorn…  Grab the cooler and SPF, and head to the beach…  Have a big family BBQ with homemade ice cream.  Try camping versus a resort! To save on grocery bills, consider growing  your own vegetables. Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, squash, spinach, peppers, or beans […]