Cheap Sourcing – Is it the New Purchasing Game in Town or is it the Most Ancient Practice on Earth?

By: Osama El-Kadi I was invited to participate in a round table discussion along with senior colleagues from the largest procurement organisations in Europe. The moderator of the forum asked a question to all the attendees:” what are your views on the latest thinking in procurement organisations – Cheap Sourcing”. People started answering while highlighting […]

Lift Your Mood, Change Your homes environment-Home Painting Gives Best Bang For The Buck

It’s true our financial system is facing some tough times. Banks on the precipice of economic failure, house foreclosures are still on the increase, and major corporation going belly up, have caused many to pulled back on their spending. No one would argue that our nation faces an unparalleledtime in history. With all that’s going […]

Wolfing These 3 Vegetables Will Help You Lose Fat

Are you eager to lose fat around your midsection? You might be surprised to discover that selected vegetables will in fact speed up fat burning in this area. It is confirmed though it sounds a bit wild. Well, read following and you’ll see how this process. The first thing you must recognize is there are […]

Creating Nourishing Meals is Advantageous to Weight loss

If you are in search for weight loss advice you may want to try one I recently uncovered. Recently I found a technique that permit more nutrition into my meals without added caloric intake. What this represents for your diet is more lean muscle mass and stifled appetite. Foods dense in nutrients will restrict your […]

Losing Weight Means Avoiding These 3 Foods

If you are what you eat, what does it mean when you thoroughly enjoy a fresh from the stove ear of corn on the cob dripping with butter and salt? If you are not worried about weight loss, you have little to worry about, go ahead and enjoy this refreshing and healthy tasting treat. Many […]