Surviving the Taco Bell Drive-thru

So, you’ve got a hankering to ‘Think Outside the Bun’ so to speak and you are destined to make a run for the border.  If you’re one of the over 2 billion customers per year to visit Taco Bell, then you know that nothing quite satisfies an urge for a crunchy taco or bean burrito […]

How Does The New Healthy Choice Stack Up?

In an attempt to revamp their image and how us hungry consumers view their foods, Healthy Choice has come up with a wide array of new products, flavors, and even spokeswoman!  Of course having the iconic funny woman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (AKA Elaine) playfully promoting the delicious new entrees, was a wise move for the freezer […]

Is Adam Sandler Still Funny?

When he first broke out onto the ‘big time’ scene, becoming a member of the SNL cast and then his first few movies, I’ll admit, Adam Sandler was wet-your pants funny.  Who among us didn’t find his often crude jokes, low jabs, and witty remarks hilarious.  From playing a rancorously spoiled heir in Billy Madison, […]