Hogan’s Goat or an Easy Way to End a Story

Hogan’s Goat or an Easy Way to End a Story by Tom Wilson As I walked up to join my group of coworkers, the coworker from Ohio, Eddie, was saying, “He’s f****** up like Hogan’s goat.” “Who you talking about,” I asked? The little group broke up somewhat sheepishly; I never did get an answer. […]

Things One Overhears

Things One Overhears Tom Wilson My daughter was a senior in college when the following events took place. She is our only child and I have to admit unabashedly she is, as the saying goes, the apple of her father’s eye. She was studying premed; and because of the rigors of such studies, I had […]

Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

These companies represent the big three of credit ratings services. You want to buy a car, buy a home, extend your line of credit, get a new credit card with a more favorable rate of interest, at least one, maybe two or all three of these companies will be an integral part of the final […]

NCAA Worldwide?

NCAA Worldwide? by Tom Wilson The other day a fella asked me if Heidelberg University, the Sorbonne in Paris, Cambridge and Oxford in England, Hebrew University in Israel or McGill University in Canada had good sports teams like those in the Big East, or ACC, or SEC, or Big Ten, or Pac Ten, or Big […]