Optoma ES526 – Plan to inspire

This Optoma ES526 review is concentrating on buyer’s opinions. The Optoma ES526 is without a doubt a small, slick as well as elegant projector (15,9 x 12,2 x 6.5 in. plus 5 lbs). Customers view that Optoma ES526 very easy to install and also even more importantly really are impressed by the projection quality. The […]

Stephen King biography

Stephen King was born in Portalnad, Maine on September 21, 1947. He is a prolific American wirter best known for his work in the science fiction and horror genres. He was riased by a single mom with his brother David. He has three children with writer Tabitha King. He has written books under the pen […]

Current trends in literature

Today, November 7, 2009 is National Bookstore Day. Over 100 independent bookstores are participating in this event. Publisher’s weekly started this program to increase foot traffic in bookstores which is down partly due to the economy and partly due to Internet booksellers like Amazon and e-Books. Even though book sales are down there are popular […]

Counting Stars by Jason Galore

It had been the dullest morning for Cheyenne. She sat in her hover chair, basking brilliantly underneath the artificial sun. Darkened contact lenses kept the light from damaging her retinas, while the solar radiation gently pebbled her naked skin. She brushed her long blonde hair from her eyes as a thin layer of glistening sweat […]

Sympathy for the College Student by Jason Galore

I may be wrong, but tequila puts you into the oddest moods. That’s what I have to say about a little known but not forgotten period I like to call my college days. Not so much a time for learned study, or even a fake attempt at seeking knowledge. More like a life of sarcastic […]

Boy//Droid: A Superhero’s Story by Jason Galore

“I’m not so sure it was a bright idea for your brother to reprogram Ron Ron.””What are your talking about, now?” “Well, I mean, they’re both running around like ridiculous superheroes now.” “It’s healthy for a boy to get outside.” “I’m pretty sure I know what’s healthy for a boy, Yodeta. And its not that […]

Shadowboxing the Imperium by Jason Galore

Journey through the times long forgotten, the era of America after the war began and before it ended so abruptly. Long before that nuke fell on Manhattan, one man told us all how it would end. Now, decades later, the truth can be told, JASON GALORE knew it all. BUY SHADOWBOXING THE IMPERIUM

Rocket to Riyadh – Tales from the Terror Age by Jason Galore

Journey through the heart of a paranoid America as shallowness becomes extremism and terrorism turns to open warfare in a world forever changed by modern events. Music, Politics, and the War take center stage in this collection of essays, blogs, and short fiction. BUY ROCKET TO RIYADH – TALES FROM THE TERROR AGE