Top Songs for the 4th of July

There is many songs played and sung at the 4th of July firework displays. We sing these songs to spread joy and show that we care about America. Star Spangled Banner The most popular of these songs is the “Star-Spangled Banner” because it is the national anthem of the United States of America. It is […]

Screencast Recording Completed the Proper Way

It can be quite intimidating to record your very first screencast. It’s definitely not as complicated as it sounds! You just need to… Make sure your audience can hear what you have to say – enunciate. The primary reason for negative feedback when it comes to screencasts is that the presenter is talking too fast. […]

How to Market Your Music on YouTube

Youtube is the number one video site around the world and is been to by countless viewers each day. It’s only reasonable that you would want to post your music on Youtube and see where it is going from there. Thousands and thousands of artists have done exactly the same. In fact, plenty of ordinary […]

A Jukebox In Your Home – How Is That a Good Idea?

Who on earth would want a jukebox in their home in the twenty first century? That’s what you are actually going to have to listen to if you try to talk your husband, wife or partner into buying a full blown retro jukebox. They might have a point or do they? Full size jukeboxes are […]

Jukebox Memories That Make Me Smile

For me the word Jukebox is evocative of the 1950s and 1960s and pure simple entertainment. Not that I remember the 1950s, or some of the 60s but growing up watching the Fonz being cool on Happy Days with an old fashioned full sized flashy chrome Seeburg in the background made a big impression on […]

Car Audio Systems: Changing The Way You Hear Music Through Car Stereo Systems

It is a must for cars to have car stereo systems we are told. Not for the entertainment value but because it is one of the pieces of electronics that is considered to be a standard part of a modern vehicle. Every car usually comes with stock audio systems, but they are mostly stock models […]

Guitar Microphone For Guitar Recording

One of the very first things most of us do is record a guitar in our home recording studio. Once the drum groove is up you wanna grab the guitar and go. Now when it comes to recording a guitar in your studio there are a few ways to go; 1. Plug it in directly […]

2 Really Crucial Factors to Consider in Buying the Right Car Stereo Systems

There are some things that you need to consider if you are planning to invest in a new car sterio system. In fact, there are key points that you may want to know first so you can be more certain of your purchase. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that offer different types of car sterio […]