Understanding Freshwater Aquarium Chemistry

In order to have a healthy freshwater aquarium, it’s important to maintain the correct chemistry and nutrient balance in the water where your fish will be living. Freshwater aquarium chemistry is a fairly methodical science, so with the proper knowledge and equipment, you can have a thriving aquarium. When setting up your freshwater aquarium, every […]

Hobbits Really Do Exist – The Mystery of Flores Man

It turns out that J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous creation of the Hobbit appears to be grounded in reality. In 2003, a nearly complete skeleton was found on the Indonesian island of Flores of a species known as homo floresiensis. Discovered in Liang Bua Cave on the island, a total of nine different examples of the species […]

Why Purchase an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

By utilizing a water ionizer, individuals can transform their usual tap water into water that has become electrolyzed – also identified as alkaline water. Many folks already realize that water is vital to our well being, but quite a few don’t know that typical water, even bottled water may not be the healthiest alternative. Many […]

Antimatter Captured By CERN Scientists In Dramatic Physics Breakthrough

For the very first time, antimatter continues to be captured by scientists. Researches at the European Nuclear Research Centre (CERN), in Geneva who have made the physics breakthrough claim to possess trapped dozens of hydrogen “antimatter” atoms. This breakthrough, by no means prior to accomplished significantly boosts research into among the great puzzles of particle […]

What Does Laminin Look Like?

Laminin is a protein that is essential to the health of humans as well as a number of other animals, most notably of mammals. It is comprised of polypeptide chains and holds together the structure of bodies in the form of tissue development. Laminin is critical in both neurological health and muscle health. The lack of its presence or problems with its production can lead to various conditions and diseases.

Dopamine Agonists and Brain Development

A number of researchers have identified dopamine agonists, such as levodopa, as factors that contribute to gambling addiction. Levodopa is a medication given to Parkinson’s disease patients. These studies may benefit people to overcome their addictive gambling habit.

What is Antisense Technology?

Antisense technology is still in its infancy, but may prove to be one of the most important breakthroughs in the battle with genetic disorders and diseases.

C Reactive Protein Inflammation

C-reactive proteins are found in the blood and are present in large numbers during a period of inflammation. This makes the identification of C-reactive proteins synonymous with the onset of viral or bacterial infections.