New Spacecraft to Jupiter

NASA is getting set to launch its new spacecraft to Jupiter where it will explore the atmosphere, gravitational dynamics and continue to map the gaseous giant.

What is a GloFish?

After being developed during the late 1990s, the GloFish became the first publicly available genetically engineered pet in the United States. Although facing challenges from regulators and organizations, the fish has become a staple of the ornamental fish market.

What is Space Tourism?

For many years, space tourism has been a blossoming industry, stimulating development and financial investments for many companies. Much of the research and studies of the past decades has begun to come to fruition, as many of these companies begin to plan their first launches of manned vehicles.

Why Do People Have Freckles?

Freckles are a common feature amongst many people in the world. These spots are caused by the MC1R gene and generally appear in periods of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Freckles are not dangerous or cancerous, but can lead to long-term skin discoloration known as liver spots.

Frederick Sanger and Insulin

Frederick Sanger is one of the most famous scientists in genetics, having twice won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. He established the amino acid sequence that identified a greater understanding of the polypeptides of insulin. Much of Sanger’s research paved the way for the Human Genome Project.

Historical Space Suits

Space suit design has changed over the course of time. The basic principle is to maintain an environment that will keep a person alive in the harsh conditions of space. These include controls on pressure, temperature and safety. Steps are being taken now to make further advancements in space suits.

What is Gene Therapy?

Of all aspects of genetic research gene therapy has some of the greatest potential to cure diseases. Although the field is still in its infancy, the possibilities for gene therapy remain positive even despite concerns over the safety of test subjects.

Description of Nerve Cells

The nervous system is the main communication hub for the body in animals. It allows information to be sent around an organism and for it to react to outside stimulus. Nerve cells provide the fundamental base of this structure and work in a coordinated way to keep the body alive and functioning.