Is Your Television Well Adjusted?

By: Christine Peppler The default settings on any new television are not necessarily the ones that will produce the best picture at home in the living room. Settings that are too high or too low can result in an early demise of the screen or simply provide a poor picture. Ideally the picture settings on […]

Urban Movies Continue To Rise

By: Sid Kali Urban movies continue to grow in popularity. This can be seen in the exploding direct to video market where urban movies reign supreme. The rising quality of independent urban movies has made them much more attractive to DVD consumers. Some talented film directors behind this urban movement are Charles Dutton, Damon Dash, […]

Making Urban Movies

By: Sid Kali There is a belief that when you attach the word urban to a indie movie that the story will be based on life in the ghetto or barrio. Plus the production quality will be less than an art house film made for the same budget. Many talented filmmakers are changing that thought […]

Why Choose 3D?

Most new movie releases are now coming out in 3D. Why you may ask? Simple, just sitting there wearing those glasses makes you feel like you are part of the story. The most significant reason why people are more into 3D than the traditional slicks is that the addiction for a more attractive, appealing, fresh […]

The Goal of the AV Receiver

An AV receiver is an important component of a person’s surround system equipment. AV means audio & video. The AV receiver registers the required information and directs inbound signals to their correct path. Present day receivers in addition to redirecting incoming signals usually have a multi functional component effectively operating your home theater or surround […]

Movie of the Year

The highest grossing newly released movie now and of all time is Avatar. For those who are craving for total animation which triggers the imagination in such a way that it will be opened to a world of blue creatures living in a place that glows during the night. Avatar has created a wonderful effect […]

Who Was Marilyn Monroe?

Born Norma Jeane Baker in 1926, Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beloved film actresses of all time. Before starring in some of the most famous motion pictures of all time, she worked as a singer, showgirl and model. Among her most famous off the screen performances were an early Playboy spread and a […]

the actual Economics Of free of charge TV Shows

With snacks as well as food and drink to hand, an individual settle down on your favorite sofa opposite your TV set. everyone clicked this remote pc help and your favourite free of charge TV show keeps growing. an individual trapped as well as obtained maintained while using account without delay. anyone used the particular […]