There are times where I have clocked in and at the end of my shift I try to clock out, I find that the system already clocked me out one min after I clocked in. Phone: As soon as connected / Email: within two business days. Please submit the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If the technical support question goes to the Department or DXC call center, it will be referred to the Sandata call center for resolution. If you would like information on upcoming Training sessions, click on the TRAINING tab to visit our Training page. • Verify identity by entering a unique Santrax ID and speaking their voiceprint. Repeat same process for end time of service, with the additional step of entering the service ID associated with the visit. – A fee-for-service client has less than 50 hours of personal care. Press the numbers of your Santrax ID (contact your Provider Agency for correct number) on the touch tone phone. The color scheme and contrast ratio is designed to be accessible for users with color blindness or low vision. Hang up. We understand the challenges in deploying EVV for Self-Directed programs, and our Santrax® Self-Directed Care Suite helps empower each participant to have control over their long term care delivery while automating existing manual efforts. or a Fixed Visit Verification device. Phone Number Section Fields and Buttons ... Sandata EVV is designed to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Gainwell Technologies (Billing) Help Desk : 1-844-235-2387: Provider billing or claims processing questions. Sandata Technologies 26 Harbor Park Drive . Confidential | 3 EVV System . Sandata Technologies, LLC designs and develops enterprise software. This applies to PCS provided under sections 1905(a)(24), 1915(c), 1915(i), 1915(j), 1915(k), and Section 1115; and HHCS provided under 1905(a)(7) of the Social Security Act or a waiver. Welcome to the Electronic Visit Verification(EVV) Training! Section 12006(a) of the 21st Century Cures Act mandates that states implement EVV for all Medicaid personal care services (PCS) and home health services (HHCS) that require an in-home visit by a provider. Visit Verification Options . Sandata Technologies Sandata Technologies, DIDD’s vendor for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), will be offering a series of trainings. This interface includes clients, employees, visits, and their associated calls as well as the ability to send data related to visit modifications. Sandata EVV: TVV ©2019 Slide 3 INTRODUCTION TVV is available as an alternate to the SMC call-in/call-out process. Sandata EVV: MVV ©2019 Slide 2 OBJECTIVES After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Explain the purpose and basic functionality of Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) Access and log on to SMC Identify the SMC window elements and explain how to navigate within the SMC App Describe the back-up call process utilizing the client’s telephone or any phone associated with the client. Most EVV systems have both a mobile device application that the user can download or utilizing telephone lines, requiring the caregiver to call the agency office via a landline. o Will use the EVV website to edit and approve visits. EVV Public Meeting • All phone lines are muted • Questions should be submitted through the chat feature • We will not be answering submitted questions during today’s presentation • Questions will be addressed after the presentation through a Listserv communication • Please reference the slide number, if applicable, when you submit your question 9/25/2020 2. • This is not necessary for Wisconsin Department of Health requirements. As part of the Sandata EVV system ... location for the mobile app or the telephone number, the client verification information, as well as call-in and call-out times (date and time) from a client’s location. A cell phone or landline phone is required to access the Sandata Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV) phone line. Sandata has been providing Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV™) services for Self-Directed Care programs for over 15 years. The Welcome Kit email contained a link to a document named “Welcome Letter_WI,” which included the provider agency ID number that identifies the provider agency on the Sandata EVV Portal. The State EVV Solution vendor; Sandata, offers a call center for Colorado EVV users. … Enter the Webinar Number [xxxxxxxx] If prompted for an Attendee ID, press # Each participant is placed on mute upon entry, so that everyone can hear the instructor. Providers using Alternate EVV who have not already reached out to begin this process must contact Sandata Alternate EVV support team by phone at 1-855-705-2407 or by email at Enter client’s PHONE NUMBER (Optional). If a phone type is selected, a phone number must be added. Caregivers call-in and call-out for each individual visit. MSU-AA sends phone number update to EVV Provider which will overwrite the phone number in the EVV . Agency providers can choose to use the Sandata system or a certified alternative EVV system. • Updated logic for displaying client's phone number: o If client is known, the full phone number displays. SMC: Starting a Group Visit . Non-agency providers must use the Sandata system. Press 1 “Received at