Gasoline Causes Ground Pollution

In a recent study, 90% of rain in the US contains measureable amounts of carcinogens due to the high levels of gasoline emissions present in the atmosphere. The consequence of these carcinogens rain down on our lands is increased toxicity in drinking water, farmer’s crops, and increased erosion on buildings and homes throughout the US. […]

Christmasota – Minnesota Christmas Lights

Christmasota is the largest Christmas light display in Minnesota. With thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights, sledding hills, and more, Christmasota has become a Minnesota family favorite. Located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul / Twin Cities area of Minnesota, Christmasota has many fun events happening such as ice skating, sledding, choreographed Christmas light shows, […]

Minnesota Diwali Fireworks

I’ve been buying Minnesota legal fireworks for many years now, and I have to say that Renaissance Fireworks is buy far the best value and quality. Their expert knowledge and freindly attitudes make shopping for the fireworks you want a breeze. They have everything from sparklers to fountains, noisemakers and whistlers. Renaissance Fireworks is truly […]


On May 19 at 12:01AM, it began. The BBC estimated an American economic loss of productivity of $60 million due to overnight showings of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I myself, in a late in the game decision, decided to attend the midnite showing of Episode 3. However the dozens of theatres […]

Translation Paper

Rachel Carman Translation Paper ENL 360 11/9/06             Translations can offer many different ways to look at a literary work. Translators use their own interpretation of the text in its original language in order to render it into English. With this need to interpret ancient texts, different meanings of the same text arise. In the […]

Dante’s Divine Comedy – Virgil’s Salvation

Rachel Carman ENL 360 12/12/06             Mowbray Allen wrote an article, “Does Dante Hope for Virgil’s Salvation,” that explores the proposed salvation of Virgil, in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Hopelessness, Divine Justice, and human consciousness of the Divine are explored, among other things, in order to better understand the ambiguity of Virgil’s salvation, or lack thereof, […]

Azul Atlantis Lite Kayak Review

The Azul Atlantis Lite is a very nice kayak. It’s stable, comfortable and maneuverable, and the Azul Atlantis Lite is ideal for an initiation to kayaking or for more experienced kayakers to enjoy years of leisurely pleasure. The Atlantis Lite’s advanced tri-hull design provides the stable and true-tracking ride required by most recreational paddlers. With […]

Azul Atlantis DLX Kayak Review

Recently, I test paddled an Azul Atlantis DLXX kayak and I absolutely loved it! It has good stability and tracks very true. I’ve been reviewing kayaks for many years now. After a 2 hour test run, I am pleased to recommend the Azul Atlantis DLXX kayak. Azul has a great reputation for being a quality […]