Why Locusts Swarm

Locusts swarm in the billions and destroy entire crops when they swarm over agricultural areas.

In Memory of CWO3 Windorski

On January 26th, 2009, Minnesota lost a Hero. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Philip Windorski Jr. gave his life in Iraq. Homes for Heroes sends our sincerest condolences to CWO3 Windorski’s wife and 3 children. We are truly sorry for your loss and sacrifice. May God bless you and guide you through this difficult and trying […]

Portable Sandbox – A Parent’s Sanity Saver

A great idea to keep little ones busy outdoors so you can enjoy the day too.

Groundhog Day – A New Way to Celebrate

Normally just a day on your calendar, Groundhog Day is often overlooked. This brief article will give you some ideas for celebrating with your kids and even has a recipe idea for using ground hog.

We need a new type of criminal.

I am serious. We need a new type of criminal. The ones we have today are either brilliantly stupid or they rely on violence. The dumb are entertaining, but if we are being entertained that means they did not get away with the crime. I mean, watch this video and tell me you are not […]

Logical fallacies: Correlation is not neccessarily causation

Remember to look for logical fallacies in your own, as well as your opponent’s arguements, and you will have much more productive debates.

Is a Free Pizza Worth a Heart Attack? Ninjas on the Loose

I think we have ninjas in our office. Homes for Heroes is a small office and we all know each other pretty well. So it is hard for me to believe that one of them is a ninja. But I have no other explanation. This morning I arrive at my desk and turn on my […]

Knittaddiction Punk Mohawk Beanie – Rock On!

I want to live life on the edge but without the commitment.The solution, Punk Rock Knitted Mohawk Hats.These fascinating head warmers by creator Knitaddiction are just what the doctor ordered to spice up life around your place. The hats are custom made and are shipped within 10 days of ordering.You can order infant through adult […]