Are You Carrying Swine Flu…Without Knowing It?

A new study shows that everyone infected with the swine flu virus H1N1 is taking the risk of infecting 1.5 other individuals – a full three days before symptoms like coughing and fever even begin to appear. The study appears in Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses. Because this transmission rate is so high, and hard […]

Are Burglars Casing Your Facebook?

A recent insurance survey suggests that the modern criminal may no longer need to leave home to case your valuables, home and vacation schedule. All they’ve got to do is read your enthusiastic comments about new purchases and holiday plans on Facebook. Could you be putting your possessions in harm’s way by enjoying social media? […]

Book Review of Monster by Frank Peretti

Is Bigfoot real? By the end of Monster by Frank Peretti, you will believe! Reed and Rebecca prepare for a weekend of wilderness and hiking, away from cell phones, television, and computers but nothing prepares them for the magnitude of wilderness they encounter. In the novel Monster, you immediately enter a sudden, somewhat tragic, and […]

Benefits of Economic Recession

Benefits of an economic recession? Seriously? You bet! The recession makes us reprioritize expenses and time.  So, rent some movies and pop your own popcorn…  Grab the cooler and SPF, and head to the beach…  Have a big family BBQ with homemade ice cream.  Try camping versus a resort! To save on grocery bills, consider growing  your own vegetables. Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, squash, spinach, peppers, or beans […]

Clear Lake: Worst Year for Algae 2009

Clear Lake is one of the oldest fresh water lakes in North America – Lakes have been reported at this site for close to 2,500,000 years.  Just like with any other land mass, Clear Lake has and continues to change shape over time.  It’s approximately 68 square miles of Lake Surface. There is archaeological evidence […]

Will We Ever Have a Public Option in Health Care?

When President Barack Obama first proposed his health care reform, it seemed America had finally seen the day when her citizens could avail themselves of a public health care option – at least, where needed. But endless debate, town hall meetings and pontificating on news programs has beaten the idea of a public option to […]

Running a Business From Home

Can you run a successful business from home? These elements to running a home-based business are key to your success; Have separate phone lines for business and home, even if that means your cell phone is your business line. Clearly state for your clients your Business Hours & Days; this can be easily done with […]

Treating Your Dog and Home for the Flea Season

There are many areas around your home that will benefit from preparing for the flea season.  Besides preparing your dog for the flea season, with flea meds, it’s also important to prepare the inside and the outside of your home for the flea season. Treating the Inside of Your Home You can start with the […]