Minnesota Computer Repair

If you are looking for computer repair in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, then Chavis Designs is the perfect choice for you!

Surviving the Taco Bell Drive-thru

So, you’ve got a hankering to ‘Think Outside the Bun’ so to speak and you are destined to make a run for the border.  If you’re one of the over 2 billion customers per year to visit Taco Bell, then you know that nothing quite satisfies an urge for a crunchy taco or bean burrito […]

The End of the Space Shuttle

NASA needs to get out of the transport business and back into space exploration.

How Does The New Healthy Choice Stack Up?

In an attempt to revamp their image and how us hungry consumers view their foods, Healthy Choice has come up with a wide array of new products, flavors, and even spokeswoman!  Of course having the iconic funny woman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (AKA Elaine) playfully promoting the delicious new entrees, was a wise move for the freezer […]

Space Shuttle Facts

NASA’s Space Shuttle Program started many years before the first Shuttle got off the launch pad. A tremendous amount of planning went into the Shuttle before it ever got off the ground.

Is Adam Sandler Still Funny?

When he first broke out onto the ‘big time’ scene, becoming a member of the SNL cast and then his first few movies, I’ll admit, Adam Sandler was wet-your pants funny.  Who among us didn’t find his often crude jokes, low jabs, and witty remarks hilarious.  From playing a rancorously spoiled heir in Billy Madison, […]

Nationwide Photo Booth Rentals

A new standard has emerged in the photo booth rental industry, and that standard is Party Booths. With the highest quality digital cameras and top notch professional photo booth attendants, Party Booths has revolutionized the way photo booth sessions are conducted. Brim full with standard features, your photo booth rental will have your guests talking […]

US Open 2009 Winner – Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro…the winner of the 2009 US Open Mens’ Finals. He is the new force to be reckoned with. Del Potro has appeared on the courts, effortlessly pushing the big leaguers around and making the earn every point. Just ten days before his 21st birthday, Del Potro stripped Roger Federer of his repeated […]