Rising Obesity Problem in Children

We all know the statistics. Americans are fatter than we have ever been. This includes our children. What’s making our children fat? It’s the lack of nutrition in the food chocies avaialbe to children. At home, parents are stretched thin for time so they provide whatever food is fast to feed their kids, get homework […]

Alternative Transportation for Healthy Living

There many ways to get to where you have to go witout getting into a gas guzzler. The first is public transportation. Many public transportation systems around the country are making their fleets greener and cleaner for the environment with natural gas and hybrid technology. Another alterantive are hybrid or electric cars. Toyota and Ford […]

History of William Shakespeare

It is not known the date of William Shakespeare’s actual birth but he was baptised on April 26, 1564. He died April 23, 1616. He was an English poet and playwright and often called the greatest writer in the English language. Most of his works were written between betwween 1589 and 1613. He married at […]

What is the Kia Soul?

The Kia Soul is a new offering from Korean automaker Kia. It’s a small hip car for under $15,000. It is made to rival the Scion xB, made by Japanese competitor, Toyota.  For such a small car it has good passenger room for even tall passengers. The car gets 31mpg and has some get up […]

What is the American Culinary Federation?

The American Culinary Federation(ACF) was established in 1929 and is the largest professional chef’s organization in North America.  It is a member of the World Association of Chefs Societies. The ACF has 230 chapters in the United States. The ACF has competitions for students and professional chefs onthe local and national level. It provides professional […]

Wisconsin Drinking and Driving Laws

In a state where taverns tend to dominate the highways and byways alike, where even smoking is still allowed in many bars, and the backwoods are full of hidden what-have-yous, it is still somehow not surprising how strict the drinking and driving laws are in the wonderful dairy haven of Wisconsin.    The state chooses […]

Best Places to Publish eBooks

eBooks have become increasingly popular. There are devices and software to help people read these electronic books. The eBook industry is cutting into traditional book sales while making it easier than ever for people to publish books for themselves and take out the middle man. Some places were you can publish you eBooks for free […]

How to Start a Home Business

The first step in starting a home business is to figure out what service or product  will be provided. Next you need to figure out what the startup costs will be and if you have the money. Next find a location in the house to run the business. After this, it really is just a matter […]