Review of the Weight Watchers Plan

Weight Watchers has been helping people lose weight for 45 years. It’s new Momentum program strives to take the guess work out of smart eating. It uses a point system and people just eat meals based on the amount points they are allotted every day. The program teaches about filling foods which help keep hunger […]

How Does the South Beach Diet Work?

The South Beach Diet works by teaching people to substitute bad carbs and fats for good ones. It has three phases. Phase one is the most restrictive and last two weeks. During this phase people eat protein and vegetables and no carbs at all. The protein is lean protein and the vegetables are low-carb vegetables. […]

Disadvantages of hybrids

Hybrids are some of the most expensive everyday cars on the road. Honda makes the Insight for just under 20K but you won’t find a new hybrid for less than that and after options even the Insight runs over 20K.  Hybrid batteries are heavy and add to the weight of the overall car which some […]

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

In a nutshell the best advantages are: saving money on gas and being kind to the environment. The Toyata Prius gets over 40 miles per gallon. Depending on how far your commute is, you may not see a gas station for a couple of weeks, maybe more.  Your wallet is a little fatter and who […]

Who Makes Hybrid Cars?

These days it seems everyone is making hybrid cars. Of course they are really chasing Toyota who started it all with their Prius. Toyota also makes a hybrid version of its popular Camry and its Highlander SUV. On the luxury side, Toyota’s Lexus brand makes hybrid versions of the LS, GS, HS, and its RX […]

Tucan Sam Helped Protest in Iran

Apparently, Tucan Sam, the spokeperson for Froot Loops, was seen protesting in Iran this summer. Whether he was actually a man in a costume or what was going on is unknown.

Honduran Coup Set Up by Billy Mays

New reports issued by the FBI have revealed that just before his death, Billy Mays, famed spokesman, may have been involved in the overthrow of the Honduran president.

US Troops to Grill

After pulling out of Iraq’s cities, US troops have reported that they plan to grill. Many from different parts of country are even having a grill off with Bobby Flay.