Hobbits Really Do Exist – The Mystery of Flores Man

It turns out that J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous creation of the Hobbit appears to be grounded in reality. In 2003, a nearly complete skeleton was found on the Indonesian island of Flores of a species known as homo floresiensis. Discovered in Liang Bua Cave on the island, a total of nine different examples of the species […]

Biography of Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips is an actor and author famous for such roles as Neelix on “Star Trek” and Pete Downey on “Benson.” He is also known for his love of rock climbing and gardening. Born on February 8, 1955, Ethan Phillips spent his time living in near his parents’ house in Garden City on Long Island […]

Why Learn Therapeutic Massage in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the seats of excitement and relaxation in the country. Beyond gambling and elaborate shows, Las Vegas is also home to some of the best massage therapists, individuals with great gifts who work hard to become professionals in their field. Every year, countless people visit the city with the goal […]

Historic Sites of Interest in Minneapolis, MN

The city of Minneapolis in Minnesota is blessed with a number of famous historic sites. Once the home to the mighty Mdewakanton Sioux tribe, the city was first explored by French voyagers in approximately 1680. The area continued being the site of numerous artists, explorers, adventurers and farmers. It even supported an United States Army […]

How to Enjoy the Holidays in Minneapolis, MN

The holidays are one of the greatest things to experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend getaway or spending a bit of time in one of the great snowy wonderlands of the United States, the varied activities and exciting adventures of Minneapolis can be enjoyed by all. One of the […]

Rules of the Game of Baseball – Changes and Controversy in America’s Favorite Pastime

The rules to the game of baseball were codified during the early days of the game. This has led to a number of purists who believe the rules should not change. Baseball has a number of specialized rules that make it quite unique from other sports around the world. These rules have generally been in […]

The History of New Madrid, a Major Earthquake Zone

One of the centers of seismic activity, New Madrid has a long history of earthquakes. These tremors may prove to be disruptive to the nation. New Madrid is a city located on the Mississippi River in the southeast part of the state of Missouri. Founded in the late 1700s, the site is most famous for […]

Parks in Minnesota – Best Gardens in the North Star State

Minnesota offers a wide variety of parks and gardens for its residents and tourists. These parks feature beautiful scenery, artwork and plant and animal life. Minnesota is widely known around the state for its dedication to parks and gardens for the public. Many of these facilities are free to the public and feature a wide […]