Not All Party Poppers Are Created Equal

When planning a wedding, looking for party poppers to accent your decorations and color scheme can seem like a very daunting task. Indeed, the vast majority of poppers you will find on the market will not be very well suited for  a wedding ceremony, but rather more traditional events like birthdays, New Year’s, or Independence […]

Why 20” Wedding Sparklers Are So Popular

In the wedding sparklers marketplace, by far the best selling and most sought after size is 20” wedding sparklers. There are many factors that play a role in the popularity of this specific size, most notably their low price and perfect burn time. This makes them a perfect choice for sendoff lines and wedding photos, […]

What Are Wedding Cake Sparklers?

With more and more people getting married each year, manufacturers are always looking to create new and interesting items to entice a purchase for an upcoming wedding. The wedding sparklers industry is no stranger to cutting-edge products, so it was a logical move for companies to start developing wedding cake sparklers as part of their […]

Who Else Wants 36” Wedding Sparklers?

36” wedding sparklers are the longest lasting and most visually appealing sparklers you can use at your wedding. Burning for nearly 4 minutes each, 36” wedding sparklers seem to burn for an eternity. With their long burn time and huge sparkling effects, it’s easy to see why 36 inch wedding sparklers are one of the most […]

All About Wooden Roses

Wooden roses offer many of the same benefits found in real roses, but they are a fraction of the price and last virtually forever. Many people are not familiar with wooden roses, which is why you have probably never seen them or heard of them. When planning your wedding, there are huge savings to be […]

A Guide to Buying Bottle Sparklers

The availability of bottle sparklers has quickly revolutionized VIP bottle service for bars and nightclubs, as well as provided a great way to showcase desserts at a restaurant. Even wedding receptions are sharing in the fun that bottle sparklers can offer as part of their champagne ceremonies. With so many great uses and options, we […]