Comparison of Ceramic and Semi Metallic Brake Pads

When selecting a set of brake pads, ceramic vs. semi metallic is the choice most people are trying to make. With so many brake pads on the market today, it’s important to understand the differences between the ceramic and semi metallic materials they are made from. While each material has its own benefits and drawbacks, […]

Tips on Removing Rear Drum Brake Pads

There are several tips on removing rear drum brake pads that will assist you during the replacement process. Most of these tips require no additional tools, and can save you time when doing a brake job. First off, it’s a good idea to do one side of the brake system at a time. This can […]

Brake Pads: Ceramic vs. Semi Metallic

When making your selection for a new set of brake pads, the most common choice people are trying to make is ceramic vs. semi metallic brake pads. Because there are so many options available, we will explore the differences between ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads and the materials and benefits of each type. While each […]