Industrial Cooling Fans: A Helpful Strategy To Protect Your Animals From Extreme Temperature

If you are a farmer in areas of high humidity you most probably already use industrial cooling fans in your business. You don’t wish to mistreat your animals as they’ll not flourish if highly stressed. In the wild animals have ways of dealing with too much heat but usually when they are reared on a […]

Targus Laptop Cooling Fan Review

About two months ago, I purchased a Targus laptop cooling fan for my Dell Inspiron 6000 computer. I had used the Targus laptop cooling fan a fair amount and it seemed to do a fine job keeping my laptop cool. About halfway through my second month of ownership, the Targus laptop cooling fan started cutting in and out. Luckily, I’m very technically inclined so I was able to diagnose the problem down to the power switch on the USB power cable.