UAVs Hacking Wireless Networks – Latest Risk, Military Strategy, or Surveillance Device?

On the famous hacker conference in Las Vegas, among the laptop security industry professionals there obtain created an UAV which can fly around and break into computer systems via their wi-fi connections. Is this a new scheme? Is this an revolutionary thought? I’d submit to you that it isn’t a new unique thought, as I […]

StopZilla: Viruses and Worms and Trojans

You’ve gotten probably heard the term ‘malware’ in recent months. The term malware was derived from ‘malicious software program’ and describes any form of software created intended for malicious intent. A standard error that individuals fashion is to assume all sorts of malware are computer viruses, where in precise reality the exact reverse is true. […]

Cold Battle Code Cyber Battle Thought of – Cyber Warfare Progress and The Future

Are we in the course of a new type of arms race? It seems that we could very nicely be, and the arms race I converse of is a matter that’s been within the information, nationally and globally meant for fairly a while now. Sure, I am speaking on the subject of cyber warfare. Many […]

Are Hackers Really Focusing on Me?

One of many questions I hear the entire time is “who are these hackers, and why are they focusing on me?” Most individuals erroneously assume that hackers are poorly behaved tremendous-smart youngsters–geeks that create a kick out of manipulating the mode and inflicting mischief. They envision poorly supervised teenagers sitting around a computer making an […]

Free Searching for People on Your Computer and Receive Wonderful Information

Before we begin, know that the information in this commentary to disclose information on someone takes on major responsibility. Using this info is meant to help you reunite with someone or help find out the truth about someone’s history. Please do not misuse the databases available within this write up to harrass or annoy a […]

Counterfeit Leupold Rifle Scopes

I was having a conversation with a customer service person from Leupold and was shocked to hear that they are experiencing more and more imitation Leupold scopes in the market. Apparently, there have been a number of incidents where clients have returned a rifle scope for some type of assorted service and Leupold learned that […]

Korean Airlines Factoids for Travelers

Korean Air Lines as one of the most respected passenger carrier services in the industry. Its primary hub is located in Seoul, South Korea. Domestic and international flights are provided by this airline that services nearly 50 countries. Providing both passenger operations and cargo hauling to international destinations, this airline does it all. They have […]

Researching the Zeiss Rifle Scopes

A century and a half of history backs the fine optical equipment Zeiss Optics has provided from the town of Jena in Germany. Established by Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe in 1855, Zeiss was the very first supplier to create lenses from the scientific principles of physics and the wave theory of optics. Throughout the […]