Ireland’s Top 7 St. Patrick’s Day Parades

While there are many parades held throughout the world on St. Patrick’s Day, the best ones can actually be found in Ireland itself. Here you will actually find a lot of great parades to enjoy but the top 7 best ones include: Dublin hosts a very vibrant and colorful parade that attracts thousands of people […]

What St. Patrick’s Day Is All About

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on March 17, the day on which St. Patrick died. He is celebrated as the person who banished all of the snakes from Ireland. Of course, this is not a true story. It is simply believed because this story has been told for numerous years. In reality, this […]

Why Green is the Color of St. Patrick’s Day

In traditional times, St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with the color blue. This color had long been associated with the Saint and his work. However, in modern times, green has replaced blue in cultural prominence. This occurred from the Irish people themselves wearing a shamrock on one’s clothing during the holiday. Many people throughout the […]